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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

okay - back to it - gmail is officially blocked again at work :)

recently -

birthday - 27 - ugh
new orleans - great
move - awesome
life in general - can't complain :)

i recently had a staffing in which i said to someone, "it's grouping them together with similar goals that works against them in this case"

pondering this - i thought about couples and families - and if having similar goals is important in that group setting . . i guess i initially and immediately would say yes, wanting the same things would make things so much smoother in an already complicated world . . . there are times when i enjoy simplicity in matters, and times where i thrive in the complications of situations . . . so this makes me think that differences are of course more colorful for the family backdrop . . .
i guess the best of both worlds here would be awesome - god knows it doesn't always happen - having a foundation of similarity - health and moral views should be similar in my opinion for myself . . . safety also . . . everything else i guess can fluctuate . . . and it might be nice to try on a different hat for a while :) in the grand scheme of things, what does it really matter - but then again this is a long life sometimes . . . and every second, every minute can go by slowly if you're paying attention . . . we don't want each of those minutes to be miserable do we . . .

in other news, looking for some part time clinical work -

fantasy - not doing well - am hoping for improvement

nothing else for now - :)

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