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the best pic ever
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Friday, June 11, 2010



new jam, airplanes - I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now . . 

here I sit, amidst the organization of a new program at my agency.  sometimes disorganization makes me so frazzled that I need to take a moment and think about nonsense. 

Yes I realize i just called my own  blog nonsense.  because to someone in the world, anything can be nonsense right ?  to a right wing, talk of abortion is nonsense, to a left wing, limited taxation is nonsense, to the chinese not eating fish and rice everyday is nonsense and to your country hick, not eating beef everyday is nonsense, and to ignorant people science is nonsense and to scientist  . . well you get the picture.  i do love those generalizations to make a point . . .

as I ponder my impending journey, I feel excitement, I feel calm, I feel anticipation, I feel happy, and I feel proud that I can and am doing this ! 

embarking on said journey can be a parallel to so many new journeys in my life, a new relationship, a new job, a new perspective, a new family.  but I guess somehow going on vacation is the easiest journey of them all. 

airplanes, speed through the air with little consideration around them, and passengers, content in their cocoon, and ignorance regarding what even drives the plane to fly (that still boggles my mind how we all just board them and jet around however we have no idea what makes it go and what keeps it up, the same with cars ! )  we are always so blissful in our ignorance, and willing to pass the buck because we paid a few hundred or thousand dollars to board a peice of steel that hurtles through the air at ungodly speeds -

we are so happy with instant gratification, with little to no impulse control that we completely ignore the obvious component in prevention:   awareness . . .

I saw a french movie yesterday, right up my alley, called, "I love you so long"  kristin scott thomas was amazing, I could ef her performance . . . and I really really fell in love with the french language . . . one day I might rosetta stone it . . (spoiler alert) but she had this identity, this life, and one day, it was shattered, and she kept the peices of the shatter to herself and gave herself consequences, and suffered in silence by choice . ..  she became aware of something  . .  aware of something so tragic, and she used that awareness to make a choice and prevent something else.  awareness has a direct link to prevention, and I really believe that as a culture, as a country, as an industry, we move forward at lightening speeds with little awareness and false progress . . .

I am partial and biased, as awareness is a big part of the the therapuetic process, but what kind of process in life doesn't require awareness ?  what relationship doesn't thrive with awareness ?  why do natural disasters wreak so much havoc ?  one thought might be that without awareness of their arrival, preperations are not made, and damage cannot be prevented . . . there are those two words again . . awareness and prevention . . . .

I realize everyone's probably connected the two and this isn't novel, however, I really don't think we talk about awareness enough, and I thrive on awareness . . . when people shut down awareness, it really shuts me down . . .

ignorance is a bliss I cannot afford if I am to live my life to my own accord -

"Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose, to respond, to change.”  Stephen R. Covey

freedom is priceless and choosing to give it up might be the ultimate demise of a nation founded on that which it is diminishing with every continued breath

traveling to other countries to witness their worldly struggles gives us benefit and gratitude beyond belief for what we have, but also gives me visions of the dark grace which we are throwing away through our arrogance and exploitation of resources and the teetering morality we are emersed in to simply 'get our way.' 

to a gluttoness nation whose freedom is it's heart and whose diet is so unhealthy that a massive coronary is foreseeable . . . . wish right now . .  wish right now . .wish right now . . .