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the best pic ever
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bloggity blog

here i am again - at home this time . . . letting my thoughts run like a banshee . . . and yes they scream like banshees too . . .

i feel my motherboard hanging on by her several final breaths and i scramble to make use of my companion laptop . . . the longest relationship i've had in years . . .

if you have not already noticed, i am largely a fan of the three dot ellipses. . .

here we embark on a time in our lives where the dust settles and the impossible becomes less possible, the unknown path of our future becomes slowly visible and is graced by (hopefully) thoughtful decisions and love and support . . . well . . i feel like i constantly beat this dead horse over and over, because it's just new and because of the nature of the beast, change is . . . a little less than dreaded and a little more than unwelcome . . .

done with the horse.

i think that people should not draw in their eyebrows with pencil unless the really have a circumstance in their lives where they grown no hair. otherwise, often times, it can look ridiculous. now if you've actually done it well, i havent noticed, then i don't care. kudos.

and does anyone else (that doesn't have an iphone and is insanely jealous of having one) find those little statements at the end of emails condescending?

" yada yada yada yada . . blah blah blah
and so on and so on and so on . . . . . . .
this is such an interesting email . . . . .
yours truly, t - money

Sent from my iPhone"


another thing. what about these rapper-turned-actors? really ? please pull yourself together and knock the bitches off your lap and wipe the dust off your nose before you try to have a facial expression on broadcast television. what producer/director/casting agent thought it was okay to have washed up wanna-be-pimps as the funny father figure or the tough guy cop . . .

judging by this blog, rants from home are a bit more bitter sounding eh?

happy notes

life has been good to me these past few weeks :)
god (or whatever aging bearded being is out there watching our every move), keep it coming paisano.

im into the italian thing for the moment - cant get enough of franky and his Mambo Italiano :)

also Peter Yorn - Lose You
and ive been obsessed with Peter Schilling for a while now . . i just heard one of his songs REDID in an F-ing LINCOLN commercial . . . that . . to me . . snatched my heart out of my chest . . i felt my stomach turn . . it was as if someone took Major Tom (the name of the song) . . slapped it around, and bent it over a table. but this time, the other watchmen did not come in and save the spectre of Major Tom. The defiled and tainted song was broadcasted and it all but stole a tear from my ungracious ducts.

god help the mainstream that keeps tempting me and disgusting me at the same time. this is one love-hate relationship i seem indebted to keep solid in my life.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Final Cut - discussion

okay so there's this movie. The Final Cut. amazing title for the premise of the film by the way.

the premise: There is something called a Zoe Implant that can be implanted into an unborn child's brain that records audio and video through [the infant, then child, then adolescent, then teen, then adult ] 's eyes and ears. Upon death, the zoe implant can be accessed via external hardware storage device (it can fit in the palm of your hand) that can be retrieved from the Eye Tech Corporation. All the footage is then cut (via a computer called "the guillotine" yes aptly named) by independed contracters called "cutters." These cutters take hundreds of thousands of hours of footage (which the guillotine conveniently sorts into categories) and make a "rememory" which is shown to friends and family as part of the funeral process, about a two hour film supposedly encompassing the person's life and the essence of who they were.

some ethical points in the plot line: we're not meant to see things through anyone else's eyes; who are the cutter's to decide which parts of our lives make us who we are, and therefore how we are eternally remembered through the rememory; knowing that someone will be watching our life after we're gone, will it make us better people? and thereby not truly ourselves if we are acting on account that we are eternally being watched

i can get behind all the ethical points, as well as the insane coolness of this technology (should it ever exist) how far are we willing to go for coolness. pretty F-ing far sometimes. having all of my memories documented for me to retrieved at any point can be a powerful things, making me powerless at the same time. in therapy, memory is a powerful tool in understanding someone as they see themselves and as they see their lives. memory is far from objective, in actuality it can be one of the more subjective entities out there. we remember some things, forget others, we remember things different from others even if we shared the memory, colors are different, words are different. the point being, we remember things as we want them to fit into our idea of things. the things we cut out, they weren't really important to our schemas, to our world order. now, there will be exceptions, lesions, damage, alcohol that adversely affect memory as well . . but all that aside . . we would lose the power to taint our memory as sub- and un- consciously we do it, it has become an important blanket, an important mechanism that has worked for mankind thus far. taking away subjectability, having reality thrown at us whenever we need it, it can shake our world order to its core.