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the best pic ever
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holy Matters (spoilers)

A lovely albeit dark movie which makes bold statements on the condition of humans.  We trudge through the world looking for something to move us, to entertain us, to make us feel and in that respect, an alternate reality is something we crave.  This movie blurs the line between the alternate reality we think we crave and the depth to which many might travel if our path remains on course to experience something more than our daily lives.  

It explores the many shrouds of actors and various reasons why one may choose this profession, or in the movie's case, this identity-stripping exile.  The actors are shown as exiled from those living in some form daily, true existences.  We don't know until quite late in the film that all those participating in the "appointments" are actors.  And all of these actors are alone with no life of their own.  They spend every day pretending to be as many as 9 different identities.  They spend every night in the arms of another entertainment fueled scene and wake up to the limousine that will take them to their 9 appointments tomorrow.  Changing make up in the car, props in the car, their whole life, or semblance of it in the limo makes for a noir presence of the main, tumultuous yet sympathetic character.

It reminds of a type of release it might be to have no expectations of those that might know you or claim to know you such as friends and family.  However these actors have a different kind of expectation that sort of fuels their existence as well, that they continue entertaining these fat cats in tuxedos sitting somewhere in the sky.  Though each has their own set of principled fury that might lead one to renounce said expectations, the main character here has an almost silence, subtle internal conflict about the way his life is/has turned out.  A token figure of his past, possibly the reason that he embarked on this "beautiful act" makes a brief appearance and abrupt but final statement to him, which dives him into a seeming frenzy, which really only manifests as wails, whimpers, vomit and brooding stares, which all last a total of 10 minutes at the most.  This possible climax is moving as is all the events leading up to this show of seemingly true emotion.  Which brings up the point that actors utilize remnants of their true emotion to show affect in their roles.  Where is that blurred line?  At many points we all blur the line from what we feel presently to what is rising up from inside us, wreckage of many, many past hurts and pain.  

All in all, the clerk who sold us the tickets said it best, "This movie will blow your mind."  

Expect nothing, feel everything this movie has to offer, and make sure you don't go with a heckler.