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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

okay, im back from twitter for an actual blog with actual complete thoughts.


this woman has love on a deadline - good luck crazy.

okay so i've had a twitch in my left eye on and off for a few weeks now. there is either a good or bad luck factor in this according to my mother. which one? only time will tell.

i am now trying to recollect theories that may be of enough interest to discuss on 'da blog.

okay, people that love to hate the longhorns. get a life. we rule. i'm tired of this whole "you have too much pride" crap . . i mean really . . . so we found something in our aimless days of youth to guide us and nurture us into the fabulous* successes* we are today (*these terms are used loosely), so sue us. oh wait, in this world of frivolity . . you just might!

in other news, i reallllly love to hate the lakers. they are soo freaking good, that it's just pointless to not root for the other team . . . GO UTAH . . oh ya . . boozer's my homie. the whole utah team with their tailored goatees and waxed eyebrows look like the kumbia kings meet n'sync . . but taller i guess

today is hump day and i reaaaally wish it were friday. not even friday but like so way deep inside friday that the darkness of monday cannot reach me even two days away.

if anyone can find a way to eliminate allergies from life . . . or even specifically my life . . i'll give you five dollars. yes. and you can claim it in installments after you've paid taxes on it.