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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So i was thinking the other day while driving home, that people are so proud of themselves (including me) for doing the right thing. it's not always the act as much as the pat on the back that some of us do it for. i'm not sure the exact numbers, but maybe i'd put it at 70/30.

that shot my mind to relationships and marriages, and when people cheat, they are always so proud of themselves when they come forward to tell the spouse. i have mixed feelings about all of this. it should say something about a person that they cheated and the fact that this happened is eating away at them like acid erodes teeth. yes i compared cheating to acid. we should be glad that this type of behavior is something that eats away at someone, it should show that the person as some ethics that they even feel so badly about it that they have to come forward. then we see often, in movies especially, and sometimes around us, that telling the spouse unburden's only the doer, not the spouse. so in this case, what does that say about someone who would make their spouse suffer through this.

in any case, im sure this drum has been beaten to death, but i guess there's always a new way of saying the same things that have been said for eons.

v8 is really good. dont worry, it's low sodium.

my teeth still hurt, god bless advil.

yay for two new babies in my life !

peace out

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