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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Sunday, May 10, 2009


sitting here trying to blog and thinking about how to outline a new book a friend and i are trying to write . . i wont divulge too much of the concept - but it should be a witty string of stories regarding women and the woes that befall us in this 'sex and the city' generation. and what i mean by that is that is the wonderful anecdotes of dating and disasters :)

it's been done. yes. but not like this it hasn't. coming soon to stores near you !!

must get ready for dinner plans - soooooo tired shouldn't have gone to bed so late last night -

next weekend should prove a nice vaca from the 6-7 day weeks i've been working lately . .

my hair lady needs to return from vacation immediately to cut my hair. it's hot and my hair is long and blanket-y - boo.

this is not one one of my best blogs, i feel it as im typing. it's actually pretty boring. why are you still reading this.