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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

so i went to a u2 concert and realized i havent written in so long that i didnt cross it off of my bucket list -

im supposed to be doing my paperwork for work - however, i am reading my own blogs, and now am writing a post -

some of the intense feelings i was having in the last two blogs have dissipated, and i'm finding comfort in places i couldn't have predicted . .

i wish badly that i could move back to austin . . i'm not sure sometimes what exactly i'm looking for in austin that i can't somehow fanagle (sp) here . . . sometimes i feel it's comfort of the habitual . . 7 years of adult live in a wonderously liberal place to enjoy self growth and grow into my skin . . it's unmatched, and will be for years . . .

as i try to accustom myself to living in a heartless pressure cooker of houston, i have to focus on the positive sometimes, as i tell clients all the damn day . . .

more on this later

also more on finding a feeling of home in more places than one . . the definition of home and how feelings of home can be evoked via behaviors and memories - or is it possible to use environmental stimuli ?

interesting article i came across from medscape, "Alcohol cuts risk for heart disease by one third" by Fran Lowry, Charles P. Vega MD

check it out - or email me for the link