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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

update - nothing huge

here i sit, finally with internet and computer at home - watching melrose place and on facebook - when i finally had to be an adult and close the windows . . .

i think my absurd fascination with cw dramas has finally overcome my lust for actual dramatic shows . . .

life has been bumping along - la was amazing - the weather pulls me in more and more, and how i may hate, or have hated the hustle bustle pretense-filled lifestyle . . . i do love at least two people there - and the weather and the fact that it is far far away from a job here that sometimes sucks my soul . . . i think it opened my eyes to a new la

i am excited to jump back into my work out with a generously inspiring personal trainer, found by another generously inspiring soul . . .

i am off back to watching big bang theory

hopefully the next entry will be a less waste of a read

i have decided to resume my short stories -

stay tuned for process in my blogs about outlines - as long as copy right laws apply - my of course dreamy goal is to be published and accomplished - i know - a long shot - but here's hoping