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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

okay, so finally caught up (somewhat) in life - booking plane tickets for weddings, vaccuuming, dusting, dishes, sleep? work? etc etc

there was a moment where i wished i had the swine flu (not the terminal kind) so i can just take a break from life and not have to do anything

if any of you decided you want to get married this year - f - u. i'm not coming. i'm done with weddings this year. DONE. if by some stroke of ridiculousness, i decide to get married this year. i will be obligated not to attend. i'm DONE.

so sometimes, midweek, especially during a long work week, 6-7 day week . . i get a little bitter, and a little cynical. i get less warm and less nurturing, and more fake.

watch how i am with you this week. if im too nice, it means i really hate you and i was forced to be fake with you. if i'm snippy, well that is the just the way the cookie crumbles this week :)

if anyone wants a michalada this week, please let me know

the only thing i want to do is curl up on in the living room watching gilmore girls - it's predictable, and lame and witty sometimes - just want i need to take my mind and dip it in some jello and freeze it.