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the best pic ever
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Monday, June 29, 2009

time to blog again

okay so it's time to blog again i guess . . .

there are times when i think certain traditional institutions are obsolete and just as technology has outrun evolution, they have outrun social institutions as well. The difference here . . . we can change social institutions . . we can change them !!! wow. novel. i know.

i think that in a world of instant gratification and ridiculous technology . . . social pressures seem as outdated as clubbing my meal every afternoon and grunting responses to my peers. social pressures will encourage those that just aren't cut out for marriage to procede to ruin several lives and those that aren't cut out to have children the same. similarly there are other institutions that are supposedly "the next step" or "this is just what's done" that will make many people more miserable than happy. family units were necessary evolution-wise as survival was difficult independently. more people mean more help and more chances that seeds will live on and procreate. nowadays . . . well . . evolutionary instinct will take us to a place where logic, new world order and technological saavy might collide to disrupt happiness FOREVER.

me myself and i will not be able to change things about the world immediately. i can think about them and make sure i dont make any mistakes in my life. . . but i guess thats all i can do. i just look around and see so many collisions that it boggles my mind that more thought is not put into decisions that will effect a significant number of lives. who am i to judge what has occurred for eons. but who would i be if i didn't think for myself and stand up to blog against atrocities.

also - im hitting the pool today. who's in ?