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the best pic ever
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Friday, March 6, 2009


I'm not sure what to blog about, so I'm going to start typing and see where this goes. I just opened my pandora window and it put on some sinatra. I love sinatra. it's a classic love. it's an old world love. the time he sings about . . that time period . . it just seems so classy, so jazzy, so elegant and noble . . i'm not sure if i'm projecting . . but that's the feeling i get when he sings . . he seems so chivalrous and devoted . . .

ahh, so chivalry . . something that is a questionable gesture nowadays. women, well sometimes we think that we are too feminist for chivalry, and sometimes all we need to keep us warm is a thoughtful chivalrous act . . . i guess it puts guys in a dilemna . . "should i be chivalrous . . or would that seem chauvenistic and that she is incapable of opening the door herself . .or am i being considerate if i open the car door and offer her my coat . . " what a dichotemy . .two very polar emotions at the end of each arguement . . good luck guys -

me ? well . . at work, im not a fan of chivalry . . on a date . . it's pretty comforting as long as long i'm getting the idea that these gestures are made from a place of consideration not condescension . . .

so there are theories on evolution, that men are hardwired to sow their oats no matter the cost. sure, i can understand the basis of this theory. there is an evolutionary theory on the flip gender saying that women are hardwired to look for mates that will have resources to maintain the survival of her and her offspring. if we give way to these theories we are giving excuses to cheating and polygamy, and gold digging. i understand that evolution as not yet caught up with industry and technology, it may be hundreds of thousands of years before we see any difference. studies show people are happier in stable monogamous relationships. now there are always conflicting theories so i guess . . . this is one of those times where people will always agree to disagree depending on what they believe . .

i believe my brain goes ahead and tells me that i don't need to marry a rich guy to take care of my kids. guess what. i can do it myself! hey what a concept.
i assume if i have this ability that many men have this ability as well. for instance, "hey i sure feel like sowing some oats tonight . . but i have a wife and kids/girlfriend who loves me, i don't want to hurt them/her and possibly destroy what we have built"

novel idea i think.
things aren't always simple though, i get that. sometimes marital indifferences induces cheating, sometimes there are difficulties beyond my single little mind that may facilitate infidelity.
but i guess in this moment, for me, it seems pointless . . . immediate gratification hardly ever lives up to it's hype in my experience whether it's binging on a gallon of ice cream or krunk-calling a really bad idea from the past . . . the consequences always seem to outweigh the 7 seconds in heaven . .

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