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the best pic ever
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

who should have kids

okay so i was listening to the radio, people were calling in and giving opinions on the octo-mom . . well . . the consensus was that she is irresponsible and selfish. i concur. and not only that, but also stupid.

i propose, (as the brilliant and powerful lawmaker that I am), that we initiate a rule that says you can only have children as a couple if you make combined, more than 100 G's a year and have a combined IQ of 250. I think the last thing we need in this world is increasing the number of poor, dumb babies. do i sound insensitive? i may. but it's the truth. and these babies don't have a real shot of making it in this world. how many smart, upper-middle class babies make it in this world? ya, a whole hell of a lot. how many dumb, poor babies make it?
i rest my case.

the octo-mom, well she has 14 kids, no job, lives on food stamps with her parents. I don't know the whole story, but i heard today that she wanted kids because she had such a terrible childhood. okay, let's back this up a bit. SHE LIVES WITH HER PARENTS. aren't these the same people that encouraged the crappy childhood she wants to avoid giving her children? and if she is leaning on these children to give her attention and love that she never got as a child, let me tell you, that will never happen. because, oh, lightbulb, they are her children and not her parents, and she is now an adult and not a child. duh, it will not work. again, iq is important. now if she were to consider getting therapy and making a real change in the way she perceives things and reacts to life, i would CONSIDER letting her have MAYBE 2 kids. never one. only children are always (almost always) crazy nuts.

alright ya, i know lots of strong opinions here. not meant to offend friends. it's just how i feel. but i am always open to discussion and can be persuaded by extenuating facts and/or circumstances.

peace out jigros


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  2. I agree with your law, maybe I can attempt to introduce it to the government. However, there will be a problem, family rights are considered a fundamental right under the constitution and we would have to come up with a pretty badass argument that this law would be "rationally related to a legitimate government interest" .. I believe it is, the interest being raising the level of intelligence in the US and lowering the number of complete ignorant idiots that live in this country right now.

  3. PS - that mom was/is a complete moron, the best part is that she has a degree in Child Development, awesome huh.