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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cottage cheese

thinking about applying for a promotion, not sure how it will play out though . . it may be less money because i won't be able to work the extra groups i do now.

my nose and sinuses hate me again.

i lost my nose ring sometime between dinner yesterday and brushing my teeth this morning. the only extra one i had is triple the size. i look like im getting married and i can see it from my peripheral vision constantly. it's huge.

my staff meeting got canceled, yay.

im starving and this is probably the most boring blog yet.

i was thinking about this earlier today, that when i'm driving and i see a car that's any light color and the car is doing stupid things on the road (i.e. driving too slowly, not using an indicator to change lanes properly, waiting until the last minute to cut me off, not seeing me in their blind spot, etc . . ) i assume it's a girl . . and that my friends, is such a sexist thought that always outrages me when others say it because well, i think i'm a superb driver. maybe a little daring and saucy, but still good. but if i myself immediately think it's a woman, well, i perpetuate this stereotype, i think my outrageousness has little value now.

i always think dark color cars are boys. i don't know why. i know weird association.

im so hungry i could eat cottage cheese.

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