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the best pic ever

the best pic ever
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Friday, June 25, 2010

aasha rani

Just joined the Shobhaa De blog after reading her book 'bollywood nights' and googling the crap out of her.  I'd first seen her on this indian show, 'koffee with karan' a talk show hosted by a wildly popular, probably gay, bollywood producer, and enjoying her theekhi theekhi baatein and sharp, assertive responses to his insinuating questions.  I can't say I liked her, but I can say she intrigued me. 

She is 62 years old and married with 6 children.  This fascinates me even more.  And a big fat cherry on top, she is the founder and has edited Startdust magazine which was pretty pervasive throughout my childhood as my aunt had the only english subscription to it in corpus that I could find. 

Shobhaa De's blog proves to be more worthwhile than her book was, but it was wildly distracting (the book) and sultry, which I always enjoy.  Anyone looking for a quick read and a graphic peak into the bollywood world, please read 'bollywood nights' I have it, you can borrow it.

Anyway the analysis she thrusts from her blogs has inspired me to be more active (at least today) in expressing renewed motivation to continue the blog d'tanvi (vague reference to cote d'ivoire)

Also she has inspired me to sprinkle the 'hinglish' which she herself has been given credit for as a part of Stardust and Neeta's column, throughout my blogs.

So here's to renewed inspiration and renewed inspiration in these rainy houston nights